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Facilities Maintenance / LED Light Fittings

Supplying good quality light fittings for a range of commercial environments

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LED Light Fittings Overview

ATTS having been a valuable source of good quality commercial light fittings for the past 10 years for a number of customers who range from hospitals, warehouse, office and retail environments. We regularly attend Lighting Trade Shows in China, Europe and Hong Kong to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest technology in lighting that is available on the market today.

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Quality light fittings for Australian businesses

We have partnered with a number of companies that produce reputable light fittings that Australian approved and suitable for use in our market.

This includes lights for the following applications:

  • Retail – (Supermarkets, display cabinets, large retail environments)
  • Commercial offices
  • Sporting fields (Tennis stadiums included)
  • Warehouse environments (internal storage areas as well as courtyard floodlighting)
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, Libraries
  • Etc.

How can ATTS help?

  • With a combined knowledge of technical staff that extends back 60 years experience in the lighting industry, we can more than assist with any inquires
  • ATTS use only Australian approved LED fittings and unlike some of our competitors with try to offer the best advice and value for money on all our range
  • ATTS prides itself on supplying a quality light fitting that not only meets all the customer’s expectations, but gives the best return on investment
  • ATTS are a one stop shop for all your businesses lighting needs

LED Light Fittings FAQs

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