Power Factor Correction Maintaining Power Factor Correction Units ensures the money you save is protected

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Our maintenance department is able to provide an efficient service for power factor correction equipment nationwide, regardless of manufacturer.


Frequently, when carrying out initial maintenance, we find that the existing power factor correction equipment is not fully operational, despite appearing to be so, i.e. indicator lamps are on, but the unit’s capacitors have failed. All capacitors have a finite life. When failure occurs no apparent warning is given. Most modern capacitors incorporate fail-safe protection mechanisms which quietly disconnect so failure goes undetected.

How does it affect my business

The loss of effective power factor correction is expensive because the savings it is designed to provide are irretrievably lost. In today’s competitive marketplace many companies find themselves with a much slimmer maintenance department.

Routine inspection and maintenance of power factor correction equipment is undertaken infrequently or not at all. This can result in a loss of savings and unnecessary damage to existing equipment. The business owner generally only realises that they have a failure in there PFC unit when there is a massive spike in their monthly energy bill. Don’t wait for this to happen!

We have a solution

Our maintenance department offers a comprehensive nationwide service programme, and can provide a contract quotation to suit your requirements.


Nationwide service

On site visits conducted by competent, highly skilled and experienced technicians

Affordable and cost effective maintenance service

One-off or term contracts can be designed to suit your requirements


  • Yes. A PFC is no different to your car. We generally do regular servicing on our vehicle to ensure that it runs smoothly, minimise breakdowns and is as efficient as possible. The same applies to your power factor correction unit. It saves you money on energy costs, regular cleaning program and testing can prolong the life of your expensive piece of equipment.

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  • Generally you will notice a spike in your energy bill from the previous one. This is a good indicator all does not seem as you think.

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  • From our experience we recommend on a bi annual maintenance inspection should help to keep your unit running efficiently. At a minimum, a yearly inspection should be completed.

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  • No. It will not affect your electricity supply as we can isolate the PFC without affecting your supply.

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  • We give a detailed report on your capacitors and general condition of your PFC. Filters are changed which helps the fans bring in a clean and uninterrupted airflow to keep everything working as cool possible. In this Australian climate, this is extremely important.

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