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Facilities Maintenance / Light Relamping

Re-lamping is an effective way to maintain ideal light levels and decrease expenditures on lamp replacements

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Light Relamping Overview

Have you noticed how dim your lights look lately? Is it getting harder to read labels on the boxes in your warehouse than what it was a year ago? Maybe it is time to look at upgrading your lights to the energy saving LED’s or if you don’t want to spend that much, look at replacing your old worn out lamps with new ones.

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Light re-lamping

ATTS understands that lamps weaken and their light levels diminish as the lamps reach their end of life. Diminished light levels are less than ideal for a retail space and can be dangerous for other commercial applications. ATTS offers Group Re-lamping Services as an effective way to maintain ideal light levels and decrease expenditures on lamp replacements. Light fixtures also collect dust, which further diminishes light levels. When a space is re-lamped, each fixture is also cleared of dust and debris to best restore a “like new” appearance.

Improving Aesthetics

When lamps are of similar light output and colour, a lighting installation looks better. Shopping centres, retail stores and libraries are retail spaces that are trying to attract customers. The quality of the lighting says much about the store and the merchandise. Re-lamping maintains the quality of light for your customers and attracts higher sales.

How can ATTS help?

  • ATTS have been performing re-lamping for the last 17 years in various commercial environments, from hospitals, offices, retail and warehousing
  • We have experience in accessing hard to get areas, e.g. Escalators, stairwells, high access points and have a full range of equipment from specialised ladders, fibreglass scaffolding and height access equipment (Scissor lifts, cherry pickers etc)
  • We can supply lamps (T5, T8, Halogen, CFL etc) at competitive pricing and complete any ballast or tombstone repairs whilst on site
  • You and your staff won’t believe the difference the new lamps will make and it will also ensure that your workplace is compliant with the relevant Australian standards for lighting in the workplace

Light Relamping FAQs

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