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Facilities Maintenance / Switchboard Maintenance

Electrical Switchboard Maintenance & Inspections

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Switchboard Maintenance Overview

Electrical Switch boards are an integral part of any business. They need maintenance like all things, but are the silent achiever that is generally forgotten about until something goes wrong. Then it is a mad panic to get an electrician around, which is generally out of hours and costs the same as a luxury car to get repaired.

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A yearly maintenance programme that also includes an Electrical Switchboard visual and instrument test is highly recommended to prevent those unnecessary power outages that could inconvenience a business at a critical time.

Why should I do an inspection?

A visual and instrument test inspection can assist in finding problems before they become bigger problems.
Preventative Electrical Switchboard inspections can find:

  • A build-up of dust through open cavities
  • Rodents or other small animals that are nesting in the base. (SWB’s are warm environments)
  • Loose cables or connections
  • Burnt out cables
  • Phase induction due to poor location of cabling in SWB
  • Incorrect load balancing across 3 phases

Also an up to date legend of all the circuit designations is a must, especially when sensitive equipment (servers, main computers, alarms) are on supply switchboard. This also assists in identifying which circuits are not RCD (safety switch) protected as per government legislation (refer to individual state legislation), which can then be addressed and steps taken to remain compliant with WHS.

Dust and other open penetrations can be the cause of fires and explosions that not only inconvenience the business owner but can also be extremely costly when insurance companies refuse to pay due to lack of maintenance.

How can ATTS help?

  • ATTS are qualified electricians that have been assisting small and large businesses maintain a very valuable asset for the last 15 years
  • We have a detailed report template that identifies major and minor issues before they become larger and costly inconveniences that affect your daily operations
  • We are experienced in all mechanical and distribution switchboards

Switchboard Maintenance FAQs

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