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What are RCDs (Safety Switches)?

RCD’s are designed to isolate (turn off) when an active (live) conductor detects earth (Object or person) in a split millisecond to potentially save you from electrocution.

These are a life saving device which has been around for a number of years and under current building code are required to be installed on all lighting and power circuits.

They are generally installed in your switchboard in replacement of circuit breakers and are easily identified by having a small pushbutton on the face for testing.

(Please note: Circuit breakers are not designed to trip to save your life, but are designed to protect the circuits wiring and switchboard)

Legislation and Australian Standards require that a time trip is conducted generally yearly by a qualified electrician or technician and that all details of the trip times are recorded.

This includes not only single phase safety switches (240v) but also 3 phase safety switches (415v)

All workplaces to AS/NZS 3760:2010

RCD Operating Time (RCD Tester)

  • Non- Portable -Fixed RCDs – 12 monthly tests for operating time by qualified person
  • Portable RCDs – 3 monthly test by qualified person

RCD – Push Button Test (by user)

  • Non- Portable -Fixed RCDs – 12 monthly push button test by user
  • Portable RCDs – To be tested daily or before connection of electrical equipment by user

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